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    Are you moving, remodeling or downsizing? Are you the Trustee of a trust or the Executor of a will and tasked with liquidating trust or estate assets? Have you recently lost a love one and need to liquidate assets? SDL Alaska, is a local Alaska auctions and liquidation company with experience in liquidating assets effectively and efficiently.


    A buyout means the purchase of an entire estate or items within the estate. We make an offer to the seller to purchase the entire estate, an item, or items within an estate. In the case of a complete buyout, we will immediately pay for the item or items, remove it from the residence, and leave the residence broom clean. Once items have been inventoried they will be posted into one of our local Alaska auctions.


    SDL Alaska's clean out service works for all types of individuals who need clean out services; attorneys, real estate agents, property owners, family members or individuals. Let us take away the stress of handling a distressed and or empty property. We will remove all unwanted items including furniture, household goods and trash from top to bottom and even surface clean the property to make it ready for sale. Items not hauled to the landfill will be posted in one of our local Alaska auctions.


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